A New B2B Approach to Brand: Learnings from Lithium

Katy Keim, CMO of Lithium Technologies, spoke to the NorCal BMA’s Marketing Strategy Roundtable yesterday. Here are a few of the key thoughts:

  • The lines are blurring between personal and work social posts–most of us do both.
  • If you’re not listening to what’s being said about you, you’re behind.
  • It’s nice to have fans, but more important to have people engaged with you, then to convert them to advocates and superfans.
  • People buy from people, not from companies.
  • Choose media that leverage your reputation in the B2B space.
  • B2B marketing is often boring. Lose the snooze! Find your voice.
  • Humanize yourself and your company.
  • Listen to your buyers.
  • Be courageous. Do something a little outrageous that will help you be remembered.
  • And, finally, B2B marketing is still all about consumers and connections. The consumers may be different than in B2C but they’re driven by many of the same motivations.
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