Marketing Above The Noise offers a refreshing reality check about what really drives successful initiatives. Author Linda J. Popky gives in-depth explanation of the timeless and tool-agnostic driving forces of marketing and provides actionable tips and case studies that show how being mindful of these factors (or ignoring them) can dramatically alter the results of your marketing efforts.”

Melanie Deziel
Actionable Writer

“Marketers everywhere have been busy in the past several years keeping up with mobile, new technology, and the fundamental changes in a social media world. Though the pace is increasing, it is also important to review the basics of marketing to ensure that what you do matters. MARKETING ABOVE THE NOISE goes back to basics and offers an approach that combines timeless principles with today’s technology.

Skip Prichard
President & CEO of OCLC

Colleen Francis
President and Founder
Engaged Business Solutions

“As soon as I read this statement, I knew I’d like the book: ‘It’s time to move the discussion away from today’s latest hot marketing tools and tactics to what really counts: convincing customers to trust you with their business – not just once, but time and time again.’….this is a comprehensive tour of effective marketing practices, incorporating the latest trends but not letting them distract the reader from long-term objectives.”

Anne Janzer
Author and Marketing Consultant
Subscription Marketing and Technology

“Doing ‘good work’ or producing a great product is no longer sufficient. The customer must learn of its availability at a time of need. This requires ‘marketing.’ Even major law firms are understanding this. Just recently, a prestigious law firm announced that all of its lawyers, not just its professional marketing staff, must participate in at least one firm marketing project annually; their participation will be a consideration in determining their compensation. This may be a small beginning, but one of significance in the legal profession/business … and is in direct conformity with Linda Popky’s assertion that employees of an organization carry huge marketing muscle. While technology may enable us to do more with fewer people, the basic principles of business remain … and Linda identifies the key element in an engaging fashion. Brava, Linda!”

Ed Poll, J.D., M.B.A., CMC
Principal, LawBiz® Management

“This is a great read for any marketer or business leader interested in cutting through the clutter in today’s noisy marketplace. This book is especially powerful to those new to the role of marketing. It inspires us to earn a seat at the leadership table not because we are good marketing tacticians, but because we are good market strategists first.”
Here are 5 Reasons to Read this Book.

Mike Gospe
Author of The Marketing High Ground

“Stop the marketing madness! If you’re a CEO or a CMO who is tired of wasting money on me-too marketing that doesn’t work, you must read this book. Linda Popky shows you how to differentiate yourself and a creating a compelling customer-centric strategy that will drive business and make you proud.”

Lisa Earle McLeod
Author of Selling with Noble Purpose

“Thought provoking and to the point. Linda Popky’s Marketing Thought Leadership cuts above the noise in the marketing world today.”

Adrian C. Ott
Award-Winning Author and CEO
The 24-Hour Customer and Exponential Influence®

“A lot of marketing talk focuses on technology: Twitter, Facebook, viral videos, clicks. Linda Popky understands that technology is an important piece of the puzzle, but not THE most important. Her back-to-basics approach builds on foundational values like trust, relationship-building, and resilience to create customer interest and loyalty. Marketing Above the Noise speaks to marketers in their language, but it really shines when the author digs into what specific companies are doing right and wrong.”

Daniel H. Pink
author of Drive and To Sell is Human

Marketing Above the Noise is a tour de force that will help anybody interested in creating marketing dominance to do so in a customer-oriented, highly profitable manner.”

Alan Weiss
Author of Million Dollar Consulting

“Want to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace? Looking for easy-to-implement marketing strategies that are proven to be effective? In Marketing Above the Noise, Linda Popky shares the insider secrets to building buzz that make her Silicon Valley’s go-to marketing guru. Get your copy today!”

Denise Brosseau
CEO, Thought Leadership Lab, author, Ready to Be a Thought Leader?

“This book will change the way you think about your business. In today’s membership economy, it’s more important than ever that marketers know how to think strategically and stand above the crowd.”

Robbie Kellman Baxter
Author, The Membership Economy

“In my work as a CEO advisor I often assess to see whether my client’s organization has the capabilities necessary to achieve their objectives. In more cases than not, I find marketing lacking. That’s not good, because along with performance, effective marketing is the prerequisite for success. Linda Popky lays out what it takes to succeed. She shows how to get more definitive results from your campaigns, the ways to greater customer engagement, loyalty, and growth. This marketing book is about achieving strategic advantage. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Master the knowledge in this book and you are on your way.”

Seth Kahan
Bestselling author of Getting Change Right and Getting Innovation Right.

“As a board member, interim CEO, and C-level executive coach, I love the themes contained in Linda Popky’s approachable and engaging book Marketing Above the Noise. In so many cases, when I begin working at the strategic level with companies, they do not know exactly who their customers are, how to engage their prospective customers, and to view marketing in the strategic context where it can catapult a company to its rightful place in the market. Linda makes marketing practical and actionable, using terrific metaphors and stories to make her points so that all executives will want to own this book and leverage its sage advice.”

Janis M. Machala
Managing Partner, Paladin Partners

“Marketing Above the Noise is required reading for anyone who wants to be more effective at using marketing to reinvent and grow their business. Linda Popky shows us how to take the most essential elements of traditional marketing and apply them in the fast-changing world of social business.”

Dorie Clark
Author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future
Adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

“As a musician and business owner, I love how Linda uses many musical metaphors to illustrate her marketing points. Linda made it easy to understand how to diminish background noise and through her effective marketing strategies, augment my business.”

Polly van der Linde
Director/Owner, Sonatina Enterprises

“Linda Popky’s Marketing Above the Noise is a clear message to business leaders on how to market effectively, bring a clear message to customers, and, of course, differentiate from the competitors.”

Brian Geitner
President, NextGear Capital

“With a strategic focus and real world examples, this book shows how to make your marketing program exceptional. Read it, follow Linda’s advice and your marketing program will be outstanding.”

George C. Steinke
CEO, SioTeX Corporation
Entrepreneur- in-Residence Texas State University

“Linda Popky understands that you can’t change just one thing and expect success; you have to work with your full network and all your organization’s resources. Marketing Above the Noise provides the strategic guidance you need to quiet the complexity and achieve results.”

Terri Griffith, Ph.D.
Chair of Santa Clara University Management Department and author of the award-winning book, The Plugged-In Manager: Get in Tune with Your People, Technology, and Organization to Thrive.

“In her book, Linda Popky addresses one of the nagging questions for post-Twitter marketers: which old-school marketing principles still apply, and which new marketing strategies are essential. She delivers a fresh approach on how to leverage the old with the new to create breakthroughs for your brand and your business. Marketing Above the Noise is accessible, practical, and results-focused—a must-read not just for marketers but for anyone in a company who works closely with marketing to create results for the company.”

Kate Purmal
former SVP Digital Content at SanDisk, now Co-Founder and COO of CoPilot Systems.

“Finally—a book that explains how to market effectively in this new, chaotic world. Marketing Above the Noise takes a pragmatic approach to developing effective marketing and advertising campaigns that actually work in today’s environment.”

Jeff Johnson
EVP, General Manager

“Because of the near infinite amount of information available on the web, buyers now have more information than sellers. It is a new world requiring smart marketers to educate and inform instead of interrupt and sell. Linda Popky shares strategies and tactics that work in this new environment and how to implement them to grow your business.”

David Meerman Scott
Bestselling author of ten books including The New Rules of Marketing and PR, now in 25 languages from Arabic to Vietnamese.

“I’d like to get this book in the hands of our partners, as well as our marketing team. Linda’s common sense approach to marketing is valuable for channel partners, as well as for marketers in general.”

Erna Arnesen
VP Global Channel & Alliance Marketing

“I’m a sales expert and I love this book! Why? Because high performing sales teams need marketing teams that understand what it takes to build an ongoing sales boom. In Marketing Above the Noise, Linda Popky talks about the kind of upfront strategic work that helps sales and marketing organizations engage effectively for long-term success.”

Colleen Francis
Founder and President
Engage Selling Solutions

“For anyone in the business of getting attention for themselves, their companies, or their products, Popky’s book should be on your list. This is a masterful collection of branding and marketing insider knowledge, full of examples from Fortune 500 business issues down to selling snow-cones at the county fair.”

Luke Sullivan
Chair of Advertising Department
Savannah College of Art and Design

“It may seem counterintuitive in our new social and digital world, but many aspects of marketing are timeless and still relevant today. In this book, Linda Popky updates these timeless principles with the latest technologies available to marketers. Read this book to ensure your marketing isn’t static in the digital era.”

Charlene Li
CEO of Altimeter Group, Author of New York Times Bestseller, “Open Leadership” & Co-author of “Groundswell”

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