Leverage2Market® helps a broad variety of organizations with a wide spectrum of marketing and business challenges. Each of our clients is unique, and we customize our solutions to meet their specific needs.

Here are a few examples of the types of programs we’ve implemented in the past for our clients.

Startup: Branding/Positioning

A small life sciences company wanted to move beyond the “friends and family” network of contacts to whom it was already selling, in order to take the business to the next level. We developed a brand identity, as well as positioning and messaging that resonated with their key audiences. As a result, the company was well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the market and quickly expanded beyond its core business, growing almost 60% in three years.

Internal Brand Launch

To support the re-branding of a technology company, we helped design, launch, and manage the program to educate employees, vendors and contractors about the company’s new brand messaging and visual identity. This resulted in a smooth, efficient rebranding effort from an internal perspective.

Focus Groups

A technology startup wanted more information about how potential target audiences would respond to its proposed product offering. We developed a focus group/1:1 interview strategy to present the product to several key demographic groups. The results showed only moderate enthusiasm for the product, leading the company to rethink its proposed rollout and avoid an expensive product launch that was not likely to succeed.

Messaging/Positioning Review

A small professional services firm wanted to better understand what messages would be most effective with its clients. We conducted a 360 degree review, including employees, partners, and clients, to identify key differentiators for the firm and build target customer personas. This helped the firm focus its programs to better meet the needs of its key target audiences.

Marketing Competency Programs

For a Fortune 100 company, we identified the core competencies that were required for success in each of their key marketing disciplines. Then we created professional development programs and resources to support marketing employees in their development efforts, building programs to support core competencies and build employee engagement.

Business Plan Review

For an unfunded startup, we helped develop a business plan and investor pitch to prepare the company for effective discussions with angel investors and venture capitalists.

Customer Research

For a small technology company, we helped develop and implement a series of market research surveys that helped the company identify and prioritize key features for its initial product release. This helped the company focus its limited development resources more efficiently.

Channel Promotion

For a software company, we created a marketing campaign, including a contest and promotion, to educate channel partners about the company’s new product offering, increase customer demonstrations and drive sales.

Market Sizing

For a Fortune 500 company, we researched a potential new market area, identifying the total revenue, customers and key players, as well as that part of the market likely to be addressable by the company with their existing products and services.

Marketing Operations Review

For a Fortune 500 company, we helped develop a framework to review corporate spending on marketing initiatives on a global basis so that the organization could, for the first time, have a clear picture of how its marketing investment was distributed.

Competitive Intelligence

A health care client wanted to know how their facilities compared to others in the local area. We researched comparable facilities in their key markets to develop profiles for each market, allowing them to make better informed investment and operational decisions.

Channel Reference Program

A large technology company wanted to capture customer references sold by its channel partners as well as its direct sales force. We worked with the company to design the system and layout the processes to launch a channel-focused reference program, expanding the pool of customers to showcase in its marketing efforts.

Brand Reputation Management

A professional services firm had no online presence, except for what was being aggregated by search engines and less than stellar online comments from a former client. We developed and launched a professional website and took control of the firm’s online presence, managing professional profiles and quickly building a positive presence for the firm.

Coaching: Fundraising

A non-profit organization needed help developing a fundraising campaign to attract larger gifts for one of its core program offerings. We coached key team members on next steps required to put together an effective outreach effort.

R&D Portfolio Review

A venture capital fund was interested in making a further investment in one of their portfolio companies. We reviewed the R&D portfolio of the company to evaluate progress against their goals for their research program, the strength of their preclinical data, and the ability of the members of the research & development team to deliver against the milestones within the proposed funding limits. The venture firm accepted our recommendation to continue investing in the company, while bringing on additional key senior personnel to achieve the company’s goals.

Licensing Strategy

A biotechnology company desired to expand its product portfolio by in-licensing an additional clinical program. We organized the due diligence checklist and worked with the licensor to review the clinical and manufacturing data to assess the strength of the program. Then we coordinated a panel of outside experts to provide feedback concerning the patient population available, the potential market size, and the likelihood of adoption of this new therapy by patients and physicians. Based on our diligence, the client accepted the recommendation to license the product.

Business Restructuring

A venture firm asked us to provide a restructuring plan for a company that had accumulated significant trade creditor debt and had been put on clinical hold by the FDA for the inability to provide key quality control data needed to start their next clinical program. After spending time at the company, we made recommendations for staff changes, and presented a proposal for debt restructuring and for getting the company’s clinical trials back on track. The venture firm and the board accepted the proposal and asked us to implement this as interim CEO. We were able to reduce the trade creditor payables significantly and get the FDA’s buy-in to start the next clinical trial.

First-time Biotech CEO Mentoring

The board of a biotech company asked us to mentor their Founder / CEO, who had no prior management or business operations experience. We worked closely with the Founder/CEO to develop the company’s business plan, introduce him to venture capital funds who might be prospective investors, develop a target product profile and product development plan for their lead product, and to in-license their next drug candidate. We provide on-going support for the CEO as he is building the company.

Isn’t it time you improved your company’s marketing leverage?
For more information and a no-obligation discussion of how Leverage2Market® can help improve your marketing leverage, contact us.
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