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Below are testimonials of clients who have worked with Leverage2Market® Associates’ principal, Linda Popky.

Hear why Million Dollar Consultant Alan Weiss recommends Linda Popky

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Linda over the last two years. She is efficient, very knowledgeable, a creative thinker, and has provided our start-up with sound, straight-forward guidance we have been able to leverage as we grow. Her input has made us more efficient and helped us hone our message at all stages of development and to a large variety of audiences. Our effort to date would have been hobbled without her.”

Susan Dunlap
Aerulean Plant Identification Systems, Inc.

“More and more engineers are facing the need to work across organizational and international boundaries. Linda was able to provide some much-needed guidance on the key ingredients that drive successful (and unsuccessful) collaboration and communication in a global cross-functional workplace. The lessons will go a long way in making our workforce more effective.”

Amip Shah
Chair (2010-2011)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Santa Clara Valley Section
Asme Logo

“Your energy and enthusiasm have helped us focus on the image we need and wish to portray to not only our customers, but most importantly, to our potential customers. Being a small company, we have not spent the time we would like on updating what is essentially our most important marketing tool–our website. The brainstorming sessions to improve our website have been very clarifying. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

Sandy Price
VP of Sales & Marketing
Aries Solutions

“Linda was able to quickly come up to speed, understand the issues we were facing, and help us develop program parameters and a proposal to build marketing competencies and drive marketing excellence within our organization over the next few years.”

Brooke Shields
Director, Marketing Operations
Autodesk, Inc.

“Thanks to you, many people are being impacted during this summit in a very positive way. You are making a tremendous difference in many peoples’ lives from the many positive messages that I have received. I believe that your effort and your selflessness will continue to impact many more people during and well after the summit is over.”

James Nsien, Founder
Break Through Fear and Self Doubt Summit

“Linda spoke for my professional group of small business owners and did an amazing job. She was able to get the entire group engaged, answered our questions, encouraged discussion and brought us some new, valuable, and workable ideas. We all wanted to spend more time with her. She is personable, articulate, and very understandable. Her presentation was professional, pertinent, and on target. I will be looking for a reason to bring her back.”

Irene Blumenkranz, Principal
Blumenkranz Law
Blumenkranz Law

“Canto asked Leverage2Market to help us develop a strategic marketing plan. Linda came in and quickly gained an understanding of Canto’s business model and marketing needs, and worked with us to develop a marketing plan that could guide our strategic and tactical marketing activities. She kept all the stakeholders in the loop and managed the project very effectively, despite having to deal with multiple time zones. Linda’s ability to quickly assess, understand and work through the business issues was the most important factor in making this engagement successful.”

Kathleen Gilligan
General Manager
Canto Software, Inc.
Canto Logo

“Thank you so much for a very informative session on Marketing. All of us are more ready today with the essentials to promote our organizations. This morning some of the members of my Board of Directors already called me with ideas they want to start working on.”

Lata Patil
Cardea Center for Women
Cardea Center

“Linda strikes the perfect chord when gathering customer insights. She uncovers the details and brings them together into a coherent description that makes it clear what must be done, with which customers and the value of doing so.”

Constance Dierickx, PhD
CD Consulting Group LLC
CD Consulting Group

“Linda’s broad experience and deep understanding of the marketing function has greatly augmented our team’s ability to do a significant professional development project. Her pragmatism, coupled with a proactive hands-on implementation style, has resulted in timely output based on her marketing knowledge and lots of interactions with a cross-functional team, from individual contributors to executives.”

Denise Peck
Vice President, Marketing Operations
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Cisco Systems

“It was a great pleasure to work with Linda on my first book, Dare To Launch. She guided me through the editing process, communication was always prompt and clear, and Linda didn’t just bring the eye of an experiences editor–she also added her point of view as an entrepreneur (my target audience) to help clarify the content. If you are looking for an editor, don’t hesitate to reach out to Linda!”

Anne Cocquyt
Author of Dare to Launch: Mini-MBA For First Time Entrepreneurs

“It has been my great pleasure to work with Linda Popky as the editor of the US Edition of my financial wellness book, Cashflow Cookbook. Linda has a unique ability to take on the persona of the reader, offering powerful content suggestions that create a more readable and compelling text. I recommend her as an editor without hesitation and will use her on any future works.”

Gordon Stein, BESc, MBA, CSC, CFEI
Author of Cashflow Cookbook

“As my book, The Resilience Advantage was moving through its editorial process, I was disappointed in the quality of the editing work done by my publisher. Before I started receiving the final galleys, I knew I had to take independent action. After talking with several of my professional colleagues who had written successful books, one name kept coming up as someone who could help me with my editing. That name was Linda Popky. I knew Linda as an author, having read her excellent book, Marketing Above the Noise, but I had no idea that she also edited manuscripts.

“I was in a bit of a time crunch, as we were far along in the process, but Linda immediately stepped up to the plate and completed a comprehensive review of my manuscript. She made grammatical corrections, language suggestions, and  created footnotes. Her review was thorough and accurate. After sending the manuscript back to the publisher, they expressed appreciation for having received such a well-edited version.”

Richard Citrin, Ph.D., MBA
Author of The Resilience Advantage
Citrin Consulting

“Working with Linda was the breath of fresh air my book proposal needed. Linda brought a level of clarity and direction that made my proposal more readable, more compelling, and I know significantly more attractive to a publisher. Thank you, Linda!”

Hugh Blane
Claris Consulting


“Linda has been an invaluable source in helping create a promotional package, and advising how to sell myself as a professional concert pianist. By lending me her eloquent writing skills, her keen eye for professionalism, and her polished sense of architecture, we have created a package that I can send to please both U.S. and European audiences. Linda is a master at what she does, not to mention that she is a fine pianist herself.”

Clint Cancio
Concert Pianist
Clint Cancio

“Linda’s resources, book publishing experience, project management skills, and patience with this over-extended first-time author were exceeded only by her editorial savvy, diligence, and quick immersion in a difficult and alien subject matter.”

Rob Christopher
Author of Just Right: How Neutral-Driven Resolution Can Close the Gap in American Civil Justice

“Linda and her company have been hugely valuable in putting CompeteNet on track with its marketing and sales efforts. Her experience and focused thinking have enhanced our presence in all our marketing materials to include our new upgraded web presence, demo systems, sales guides and collaterals, customer-facing materials, and most importantly, refining and tuning our executive bios. We were struggling with these materials as many small companies do. Linda has become part of our team and I look forward to working long into the future with her on new projects and programs.”

Bentley Radcliff
Founder & CEO
CompeteNet, Inc.

“Linda was the perfect editor for The Merger Mindset, helping my co-author and I blend our ideas and voices. She provided advice, encouragement, structure, and exquisite organizational skills that would benefit any author.”

Constance Dierickx, PhD
Author of The Merger Mindset

“Working with Linda was a pleasure. She is like an artist when she edits. My writing flows so much better after she proof-reads my work. I hope to work with her again in the future on my next book.”

Ryan Douglas
Author of From Seed to Success: How to Launch a Successful Cannabis Cultivation Business in Record Time

“Linda’s contributions to creating Confab’s first website have been invaluable. She understands the myriad of issues related to such a massive undertaking – the budget, the target market, readability, and the fun. Linda’s ability to take a rush of ideas thrown at her and deliver a first class product is amazing. She operates with little direction, carefully crafting a beautiful design. Her project management skills have proved to be invaluable in managing a remote and independent team through the business and creative process. I heartily recommend Linda and her work. She has made a significant difference to our organization this year. We are clearly a notch above our competitors as a result of her tactful and professional guidance.”

Kimberley G. Silver
Confab 2004
Confab 2004

“Linda has tremendous marketing expertise. She is able to provide practical insights on overall marketing strategy and make valuable recommendations that will improve your ability to attract clients.”

Scott K. Edinger
The Edinger Group
Edinger Consulting Group

“I appreciated Linda’s flexibility and ability to provide valuable ideas and insights extemporaneously. She provided open and candid feedback.”

Steve Finkelstein
Experience on Demand
Experience on Demand

“I had the honor of having Linda facilitate events for FountainBlue’s When She Speaks series. She is a great facilitator, very knowledgeable about the subject matter, and grounds and weaves the conversation well, so that all benefit from the discussion. I highly recommend her for her stellar communication skills and marketing aptitude.”

Linda Holroyd

“It was a pleasure to work with Linda. She quickly sized up my business situation and drilled down to my specific needs. Linda helped me refine my value proposition to focus on the results I obtain for clients and then applied it to the prospects I’d been trying to move along. Things are really falling into place with new business development. I can safely say that working with Linda has taken my business to the next level in record time.”

Shelly Gordon
G2 Communications Inc.
G2 Communications

“Thanks so much for providing this workshop for us. It’s a great help to wrestle with these concepts with others and a smart coach…practice and thinking hard about this have moved me forward.”

Jim Grew
The Business Transition Defogger
The Grew Company

“Hire Linda only if you want an error-free manuscript or well written document. With her keen eye for detail and facility with language, you’ll benefit from accuracy, precision, and clarity.”

Linda D. Henman, Ph.D.
President, Henman Performance Group
co-author: Alan Weiss on Consulting: A guided journey with “the rock star of consulting”

“Linda is terrific to work with. I knew I wanted to present an error-free, compelling manuscript to my publisher. With her ease with language, hawk eye for detail, and speedy turnarounds, Linda helped me be confident my work was clear and grammatically accurate while I could focus on bringing my best ideas to light.”

Diana Jones
Author of Leadership Levers

“Simply put, Linda is AMAZING!  She reviewed information about two of my product lines. I was astonished by her outpouring of eloquent superlatives describing my products so clearly and in an “easy to understand” voice.  Her review and delivery was so quick and effortless that I couldn’t type fast enough to capture all the gems she offered.  In addition, she provided very sound advice regarding my pricing strategy.  All this within a 30-minute phone call!  Priceless.”

Joni Shimabukuro


“Thank you for supporting the American Enterprise Project and Non Profit organizations in the community with your outstanding seminar, “Promoting Your Non Profit: How Marketing Can Help You Succeed in Today’s Economy.” Your clear delivery provided great guidance and direction. Many of the attendees left with a good action plan on how to increase awareness of their organization and improve development efforts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise for the betterment of the community.”

Doron Noyman
Director of Sales and Development
KeyPoint Credit Union

“I wanted to send you a note of deep gratitude for all of your incredible wisdom, humor and insight to help me with my first book. A Higher Bid was lifted immeasurably because of you. You are THE editor supreme!”

Kathy Kingston
Benefit Auction Strategist, Consultant & Professional Auctioneer
Kingston Auction Company, LLC
Kingston Auction Company

“Linda Popky knows marketing. She is well qualified; her honors speak to that. But there is more. Linda listens, she seeks first to understand what you want, and then she determines how to deliver. In my case, she assembled a team of experts to fill in gaps in web site design and construction to revamp my old site. Along the way, she helped me strategize how best to achieve my objectives – to coach more lawyers, consult with more law firms and to sell more practical guides to law firm profitability. Linda is responsive despite my somewhat erratic travel schedule. We’re not done…and I’m eager to continue working with her, to engage her talents further as my off-site CMO, and to reach higher levels of success in my business.”

Ed Poll, J.D., M.B.A., CMC
LawBiz Management

“I’m so glad I chose Linda Popky to edit my book. She was not only a joy to work with, she was thoughtful and insightful with her input and suggestions. She adhered to the budget and timeline we discussed upfront. Wonderful job!”

“As author of a new book on using marketing to help your tech company succeed, it was my good fortune to enlist Linda Popky as my editor. Imagine, a total pro who knows both editing and B2B marketing! Her insights, large and small, were invaluable, along with her suggestions and critiques. I’m grateful!”

Theresa Marcroft
Author of Pro-choice, Pro-adoption: It’s Time for a Loving, Positive response to Unplanned Pregnancy and The Path to Revenue

“Linda was a great sounding board and demonstrated a true understanding of my business that made her a huge value to me during the time we worked together. She paid close attention to what I said during discussions and was able to capture the essence of what I wanted with ease. In other words, she doesn’t just create something but she also made sure that it reflected the values of my company and provided a lot of value over and above what was requested. Linda is a huge asset to anyone that works with her, she understands business and intuitively delivers value above and beyond.”

Mike Austin

“I’ve worked with Linda Popky over the last 15 years. Her marketing acumen is exceptional. She excels in the ability to architect, manage and deliver successful cross-functional marketing programs and product marketing initiatives that are focused on driving revenue ROI.”

Carol Montgomery-Adams
Former Vice President, Worldwide Marketing

“Linda customized a Marketing strategy for NextGear by listening to our thoughts and ideas while harnessing her expertise in the industry. Linda’s final product was a clear road map on the campaign and steps we need to take to build a successful message and brand through our various business initiatives.”

Shane O’Dell
Chief Operating Officer
NextGear Capital

“I have had the wonderful pleasure to work with Linda over the past few months. She has been a great partner in helping me create a true marketing strategy in our rapidly growing company – a strategy that did not exist before. She has also been indispensable in helping me develop a compelling case to our leaders as to why it is important to have a robust marketing presence.”

M. Todd Croom
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
NextGear Capital
Next Gear Capital

“Linda was the editor of my first self-published book, 5G the Future is Now. I was completely new to the process and Linda provided me guidance, honest feedback, and assistance making my first book a less daunting experience than initially expected.”

Olivia Ripps
Author of 5G The Future Is Now

“Linda has been nothing short of essential to the growth of our business. She helped create brand strategy, simplified our message and assisted us in making better marketing decisions. The greatest thing about working with Linda is her ability to have a laser focus on what needs to be done short term while supporting long term goals. She is fun and energetic and provides much needed insight through the stressful process of launching a new business. We feel as though our time was better spent servicing our clients well knowing that we had a strong coach on the marketing end. We always felt confident that the execution of her recommendations were going to be successful. Linda is an invaluable coach to your team whether you are a start up or existing business!”

Michele Bell
Owner & Co-Founder
One Wellness Group
One Wellness

“I received the ROI for my investment within in the first two hours of working with Linda Popky. I hired her to help with my marketing. Her consult put engines into my effort propelled with jet fuel. Thanks, Linda!”

Alan Willett
Oxseeker Inc
Oxseeker Inc

“The difference between working with Linda on my second book and what my experience was with my first book’s editor is night and day. For starters, Linda was excited about my content, keen to read the book, identified as my ideal reader, AND she’s a professional content editor who did more than just tell me which commas were missing (although she did that too). With her input, the book’s flow was smoothed out and the stories accompanying each lesson were easier to follow. She was responsive and met all our deadlines. I’m really glad she was on my team.”

Robbie Samuels
Author of Small List, Big Results: Launch a Successful Offer No Matter the Size of Your Email List and Croissants vs. Bagels: Strategic, Effective, and Inclusive Networking at Conferences

“Linda Popky served as both the program advisor and a faculty member in the Integrated Marketing Program at SFSU College of Extended Learning, where she taught Brand Strategies. She also played a key role in the creation of our new Social Media Marketing Program, which we launched to great success in Spring 2011. A popular and highly-skilled educator who brings practical experience and real-world issues to her classes, Linda currently teaches Integrating Social Media into the Overall Marketing Strategy, the final course in our Social Media Marketing Program.”

Lauren Vanett, Director
Integrated Marketing Program
Social Media Marketing Program
SFSU College of Extended Learning
San Francisco State University

“Linda excels at quickly helping clients understand marketing strategies to employ for product success. Her pragmatic approach and ability to provide real life analogies creates an open environmental for creative and resourceful solutions. Linda is adept at facilitating group discussions and answering questions in a direct, honest, and supportive manner.”

Carol F. Smith
Lead, HP Silicon Valley Networking Group
Chief Operating Officer, Oak Grove Enterprises, Inc.

“I can come to Linda with a tangle of strategic issues and within minutes she offers up a simple framework to elucidate the situation, and the right path forward becomes obvious. Linda is more than a marketing sounding board for me – she is a strategic resource for my company.”

Jennifer Zeszut
Scout Labs
Scout Labs

“Taking classes from Linda is like trying to drink knowledge from a high pressure fire hose – she has so much terrific information to share and shares it generously. She has great energy and a passion for what she does. Linda truly cares that her students and clients are successful.”

Sandra A. Clark
Silicon Valley Training Connect
Silicon Valley Training Connect

“When I need coaching on the best way to market my business, I go to Linda Popky. She is always knowledgeable, relevant and knows when to bring in someone from her team of experts.

“Her thoughtful opinions, ideas, and advice have always resulted in more business and more visibility with my target market. If you are looking to be seen as a leader in your industry or looking to expand your reach and influence, Linda Popky is the person to call.”

“I went to Linda’s Seal the Deal program and was able to use what I learned to help my business. What she teaches is practical, doable, ethical and enables people to work better with clients. She helps take the vagueness out of consulting.”

Simma Lieberman
Simma Lieberman Consulting
Simma Lieberman

“Linda has a wonderful way of getting writers focused on what matters. For my first book, I had some great insights and too much information. Linda framed the content in each chapter and cut the fat. The result was everything a book plan should be – a clear structure with powerful points which shortens the time it takes to write the book.”

Steven Hunt
Executive Advisor & Consultant
Steven Hunt and Associates

“I wanted to thank you for your presentation at SPC last night. You did a superb job, presenting a great deal of valuable information in a relaxed and entertaining fashion. I particularly appreciated how well you interacted with the audience and shaped your talk to the needs of those present. I could not believe how quickly the time went by. Based on the feedback I’ve received, you were a big hit with all of the attendees.”

Stephen Balzac
The Society of Professional Consultants
Society of Professional Consultants

“The Software Product Marketing (SPM) eGroup has taken a novel approach in building a vibrant, useful career & job site for software marketing professionals. The organization uses social networking theories implemented with software tools and processes to build membership and convince hiring managers, recruiters, and human resources personnel to post their open opportunities to the SPM eGroup membership.

SPM eGroup is run solely by volunteers, with a core management team in which Linda served in the key role of VP of Marketing, and over 100 individual contributors. Linda accomplished some major marketing objectives including competitive analysis, reworking the SPM marketing presentation, developing marketing collateral, and initiating a newsletter to our “customers,” the job posters.”

Cynthia Typaldos
President and Founder
Software Product Marketing eGroup

“Not only did Linda understand how we could best revamp our marketing materials, but she quickly understood and clearly articulated the messaging goals for our new target market. She was also quick, efficient and easy to work with–despite being 3000 miles away. And she brought such enthusiasm to the project, it was contagious. That came through in the tone of the piece she created and made the whole process much more pleasant for all of us.”

Polly van der Linde
Sonatina Enterprises

“Linda helped design and implement a great direct mail campaign for me with results that blew us away. Her direction, marketing smarts and leadership helped make the campaign a home run. She is a marketing maven!”

Joel B. Spolin
SpoLoan Mortgage Banking

“If your organization is looking for an effective marketing professional, Steinway Society – The Bay Area enthusiastically recommends Linda Popky of Leverage2Market Associates. Her creative marketing helped Steinway Society grow and further diversify its audiences for concerts by internationally acclaimed classical pianists. We are most grateful to her. ”

Kathy You Wilson, President
Steinway Society – The Bay Area
Steinway Society - The Bay Area

“Linda – thank you so much for an engaging and content-rich workshop. I learned a lot and am inspired by all that you’ve done with your business.”

Stephanie Peterson
Sugarcane Global
Sugarcane Global

“Linda is a marketing whiz who can set you on the right track before you even realize that you’ve acquired the finest ROI on your marketing investment imaginable. Go for it, she’s terrific.”

Alan Weiss
The Million Dollar Consultant®
Summit Consulting Group
Summit Consulting Group

“We needed to ensure our channel partners were well informed about upcoming product launches and developments-in a secure fashion, before this information was made available to the general public. Linda’s team took on the challenge of creating and delivering a highly effective online briefing mechanism that not only allowed us to reach a large group of geographically dispersed partners in an effective fashion, but also significantly strengthened our relationships with our key channel partners.

We didn’t just meet our goals for the first product launch-we more than tripled the number of expected channel partners participating in the event.”

Barry Jones
Director, Software Channel Programs
Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems

“Linda provided our group with a timely and expertly delivered message about setting aside time and energy to discover how you want to be perceived by customers, employers, and colleagues, and then putting a force of spirit and logic behind to realize it. The room was abuzz and many people remained after the event sharing their thoughts and plans.”

Paul Wcislo
SVForum Marketing SIG

“Linda’s edits were insightful and delivered fast. She is far more valuable than a copy editor because she understands the content.”

Michael Travis, Principal
Travis & Company, Inc.
Author of the forthcoming book Choosing Leaders: Mastering the Art of Recruiting

“Linda has been a pleasure to work with as she guided us through the process of defining a marketing strategy and developing marketing materials. She was instrumental in helping our start-up project a professional, polished image.”

Joseph Heanue, PhD.
Triple Ring Technologies, Inc.
Triple Ring Technologies

“Linda helped us develop a comprehensive marketing plan that was critical to the successful launch (ahead of schedule!) of our new M+A advisory firm, Vertess. She focused on our strongest differentiators in a competitive marketplace and this sharpened our focus from Day One, saving us a great deal of time, energy and start-up funds. I would recommend her without reservation. She’s the real deal!”

Tom Schramski, PhD
Managing Director / Founder
Vertess Advisors, LLC + Vertess Consulting, LLC

“Linda Popky is the total package when it comes to editing your book. She is fast. She is expert on catching all the mistakes made in punctuation, grammar, and structure. She finds the better word options where needed, AND, she does it all in a way that keeps your voice and vibe. I hired Linda to help me with my new book. She exceeded my expectations and I know she will for you, too.”

Dan Weedin
Author of Back 9 Walking: A Guide to Living Life Unleashed

“Thank you Linda for providing such insightful advice to our community of consultants. Participants were gushing with praise at the actionable advice they received, and left encouraged to learn about the viable marketing tactics available to them. Additionally, as always you were very easy to work with in the advance planning stages of the workshop, which I also very much appreciated.”

Lisa Strand
Workshop Co-Chair
Women in Consulting
Women in Consulting

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