Top of Mind Thursday October 25, 2018: Someone May Take You Seriously

Top of Mind Thursday

In the last 24 hours, we’ve seen at least 9 explosive devices sent to prominent Democratic politicians, businessmen, and celebrities, including two ex-presidents.

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So far, all of the devices were intercepted by law enforcement before they were able to detonate. But it’s not clear if all of them have been found, and we don’t yet know who is behind this.

We are two weeks away from mid-term elections and the rhetoric and emotional outcries are reaching a fevered pitch. Most of us recognize hyperbole when we see it and we dismiss it. Yet, there are those who believe the rantings and ravings of leading politicians and feel like they need to do something dramatic to help the cause.

We need to be aware that what we say and do, especially in the height of competition, can be misinterpreted by others. We see celebrities apologizing for insensitive remarks made without considering the consequences. If the faux pas is egregious, they may even get fired.

What are you saying or doing about your business that could be misinterpreted or might cause inappropriate action? Before you speak, stop and realize someone may actually be taking you seriously.

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