Need to Kick Start Your Job Search? Here’s a great opportunity…

Know someone who’s looking for a job in this tough economy?  Frustrated by how to stand out from the crowds when it comes to a job search? Want to find out how to turbo charge your career?

We’re offering a one-day seminar in conjunction with San Francisco State’s College of Extended Learning on Saturday, June 27th that will help you use proven marketing techniques to jump start your career development.

Whether you want to grow within your existing organization, land a new job opportunity, or become a consultant, your success depends on how well you package and promote yourself. This one-day course will teach you how to identify your target audience, discover their wants and needs, and understand your market position vs. your competition. You’ll develop and articulate your unique value proposition, and learn how to package and promote your “solution” to meet the needs of the people who can impact your career success.

This seminar uses material from our Marketing Your Career book and new companion about to be launched workbook–both of which are included in the course fee.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a marketer to take advantage of these techniques. Anyone can benefit from looking at themselves from this new perspective.

Register now.

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