Top of Mind Thursday – May 26, 2022: Insanity

Yet again, we are reeling from another mass shooting at an elementary school. This time it was 22 people dead in a small town in Texas.

Leverage2Market LogoWe are all shocked and heartbroken to see this happen, but it really should not be a surprise. There were 27 other shootings on school campuses already this year, and more children have died in school shootings in 2022 than police officers in the line of fire.

That’s not to say mass shooters don’t endanger police. A security guard was killed in last week’s Buffalo shooting, and three police officers were injured in Texas this week. (So much for arming teachers–those law enforcement professionals were all well-trained professionals and armed).

We hear the typical reactions: Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

There’s nothing wrong with that–but it doesn’t solve the problem either.

What we’re doing now is clearly not working. Until we take action to address gun violence, this will keep happening over and over again.

To expect anything else would be insane.

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