Absolutely, Positively a Problem: Fedex, you’ve got some work to do

By now, you may have already seen the video of the over efficient Fedex driver who pulls up to an address, takes a computer monitor, and throws it over the fence to the recipient’s driveway–all captured by a perfectly placed security camera.

Fedex promptly apologized and said the driver in question was “no longer working with customers.”

That would be fine if it was only one driver. However, unless he’s been working on my route for the last few months or he has a clone, this is NOT an isolated incident.

Don’t get me wrong: I *love* Fedex–packages get where they should be when they’re supposed to be there, they’re easy to track, and most times things show up in one piece. However, over the last several months I’ve had Fedex delivery people dump packages in the *middle* of my long driveway, where I just managed to avoid running them over at the last minute or ask people coming down the driveway to carry the package for them.

I’ve tried to alert Fedex about this, but when I call I get a call center agent in some distant place who apologizes profusely and says she will make a note in my file. There’s no way to talk to the people at the local distribution center who would know exactly who has been on my route, dumping packages out of the side of the truck. I don’t feel confident that this won’t happen again–especially after looking at this video.

There are 2 customer service problems here, Fedex. The first is obvious–your delivery people need to be trained to treat the packages they carry as if they were their own and not like hot potatoes to be dumped as quickly as possible.

The second is more subtle. It’s not easy to communicate with you about the delivery experience. Make it easier for us to get to the right person and file a complaint when something goes wrong. The best recourse should NOT be to post a video to the Web (with over 5 million hits so far!).

We’ve told you what’s wrong. Let’s absolutely, positively see some improvement, Fedex.

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