When the name on the door is yours, you’ve got to make it your business to market and sell yourself.

No matter how good you are at your profession or craft, the success of your business depends on your ability to effectively reach and close clients and prospects. To do that you need a strong brand, compelling messages, and focused marketing strategies.

At Leverage2Market® Associates, we understand how important it is to develop a brand and marketing presence that resonates with both existing clients and potential prospects. We’ll work with you to articulate the unique value you provide then use that to differentiate your business and develop effective marketing strategies to grow your practice.

We’ve helped consultants rebrand and re-launch their businesses, worked to establish a positive web presence, developed effective marketing programs and developed compelling branding and messaging for consultants and professional services firms.

We’ll work with you to strategize how to exploit marketing and sales opportunities, getting the most from key client meetings, as well as review your marketing goals and develop tailored marketing programs.

We offer coaching and mentoring programs, and can help you refine your value proposition, branding and messaging, or launch new communications initiatives. Let us make you and your business look good.

We Also Team with Top Consultants

We’re often asked by outstanding consulting firms to join their teams in supporting large projects at enterprise clients. They choose us because they know we combine the experience and expertise they need with a track record of proven performance—and that we’ll come up to speed and be productive very quickly in a large company environment.

Contact us for more information on how we can help your team win with your next marketing project.

Could you use a trusted advisor? Learn more about our advisory services.

See Resources for Consultants and Professional Service Firms

See what other top consultants are saying about Linda…

“Linda has tremendous marketing expertise. She is able to provide practical insights on overall marketing strategy and make valuable recommendations that will improve your ability to attract clients.”

Scott K. Edinger
The Edinger Group

“Linda strikes the perfect chord when gathering customer insights. She uncovers the details and brings them together into a coherent description that makes it clear what must be done, with which customers and the value of doing so.”

Constance Dierickx, PhD
CD Consulting Group LLC

“Linda Popky knows marketing. She is well qualified; her honors speak to that. But there is more. Linda listens, she seeks first to understand what you want, and then she determines how to deliver. In my case, she assembled a team of experts to fill in gaps…”

Ed Poll
LawBiz® Management

“It was a pleasure to work with Linda. She quickly sized up my business situation and drilled down to my specific needs. Linda helped me refine my value proposition to focus on the results I obtain for clients and then applied it to the prospects I had been trying to move along…”

Shelly Gordon
G2 Communications, Inc.

Resources for Consultants and Professional Service Forms

» Consultants PowerPak Series: Fuel Your Growth – mp3 or CD set
» Consultants PowerPak Series: Ignite Your Business – mp3 or CD set
» Key Factors that Determine Your Online Reputation
» Ten Ways to Build Your Personal Brand (PDF)
» Key Factors that Determine Your Online Reputation
» Tips for Promoting Professional Services (PDF)
» Tips for Creating Powerful Proposals (PDF)
» Linda talks about “The Myths and Realities of Marketing” (mp3)NorCal SAC Teleconference, Aug 2, 2011
» Linda discusses “The 10 Marketing Priniciples Every Coach Should Know (But Most Are Afraid to Ask)” (mp3)Aug 19, 2011

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