Marketing Leverage Times – Summer 2006

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Marketing Leverage Times. Our goal is to provide you with provocative information and thought-provoking commentary on marketing and business issues to help you better leverage your investment in marketing programs, processes and people. We hope you will enjoy this regular collection of tips, tidbits and tools and we welcome your input and feedback. Tell us what you like and don’t like and what you’d like to see in future editions.


In a great example of juxtaposition, the same day that convicted former Enron President Ken Lay died of a massive coronary attack, the media reported that three people who tried to sell the ultra-secret, century-old formula for Coke to Pepsi were arrested after being turned in – by Pepsi.

Unlike Enron in the Lay-Skilling days, Pepsi is to be commended for having a culture where individuals understand the legal implications of this kind of illicit action and feel the company will support them for taking the moral high ground and doing the right thing. Legally and ethically, participating in this transaction was clearly wrong.

Beyond that, however, consider that Pepsi had everything to lose and nothing to gain by accepting access to its rival’s closely guarded trade secrets.

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On a recent trip to the San Diego area, we took a day to make the cross-border trip to Tijuana, Mexico. The journey by bus from the US border parking lot to the downtown Tijuana shopping district is no more than a mile or two in length, but the two locations feel worlds apart.

As we walked through the numerous shops and stalls that exist primarily to reach tourists like us, it quickly became apparent that there are a very limited amount of product types for sale, and that within these limited categories (t-shirts, blankets, pottery, jewelry, clothing, etc.), most of the shops are selling more or less the exact same things.

So what makes a tourist chose one shop over the other?



Leverage2Market’s President, Linda Popky, was quoted in the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC) June 2006 news release. Linda offers three keys to success in a highly competitive environment. Her article, “Marketing Product YOU: Creating a Marketing Campaign from Your Client’s Point of View” was published in the July issue of the Women in Consulting (WIC) Best Practices Consultant Newsletter.


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