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Welcome to the latest edition of the Marketing Leverage Times. Our goal is to provide you with provocative information and thought-provoking commentary on marketing and business issues to help you better leverage your investment in marketing programs, processes and people. We hope you will enjoy this regular collection of tips, tidbits and tools and we welcome your input and feedback. Tell us what you like and don’t like and what you’d like to see in future editions.


We’ve all been there: You need a little cash quickly and look for a nearby ATM. But wait, the ATM doesn’t belong to the bank where you have an account, so you are charged a convenience fee at the ATM, and then another fee by your bank or the privilege of getting your own money. Do you pay the fees, which combined can be as much as $3-4 per transaction, or do you drive around looking for your own bank’s ATM? And what if you’re traveling and your bank doesn’t have any ATMs in the vicinity?

The logic of this system has always escaped me. It’s my money – why do I need to pay a fee, sometimes twice to get it?

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Is It Trick or Treat?

This issue we start a new feature – the Marketing Leverage Hall of Shame/Fame, dedicated to those companies who go out of their way to differentiate their customers’ experiences, for better or for worse. We are continuously hearing stories of how companies treat their customers – most of these are horror stories, but as in the case of First Republic above, sometimes there are organizations that are remembered by their customers because they go above and beyond.

Have a Hall of Shame/Fame tip? Send us your stories and anecdotes.

Each issue we’ll publish one of the best. If we choose yours, you’ll receive a special Leverage2Market memento (and the fame of being highlighted here) as our gift. Email with your suggestion.

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Early-stage technology companies have the opportunity to benefit from the experience and expertise of a marketing industry expert through Leverage2Market Associates’ affiliation with the Women’s Technology Cluster (WTC). WTC is a business accelerator committed to increasing the number of successful women-led companies in the life science, high technology and clean technology sectors.

Linda Popky is acting as a marketing mentor for WTC portfolio companies, and recently has served as the lead coach for one of the handful of startups picked to present to a blue ribbon panel of venture capitalists at the WTC Entrepreneurial Venture Conference earlier this month in Mountain View, CA.

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Once again Linda Popky will be participating in the annual piano marathon for the Crestmont Conservatory of Music in San Mateo, CA. This year’s event, which is a fundraiser for the Conservatory, will be held from noon to 8pm on Sunday, November, 5th. The program features 15 amateur and professional pianists playing a wide variety of classical piano compositions.

Linda’s performance at 3pm will include Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata, two Nocturnes by John Field, and, in honor of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s 250th birthday, the Mozart dm Piano Concerto. Tickets are $30 and are good all day. For more information, contact the Conservatory at (650) 574-4633.


Our article Face the Customers or Face the Music was published in the Women in Consulting Best Practices Direct Newsletter as well as on the website.

Linda Popky was interviewed by The Brand Show radio program in September about how great employees build a brand. Listen to her comments.

Linda was also quoted in the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC) October 2006 news release about how to romance and retain your best customers.


WITIHow does participation drive innovation? Join us at the Women in Technology (WITI) Women & Technology Summit in Santa Clara, CA on October 31st. Linda Popky will be participating in a panel on how to architect user input into product designs to overachieve and outdeliver, and give your company the competitive edge. For more information, contact WITI.

We are in the process of booking our Winter 06/07 speaking schedule. If your business or association could use a dynamic, thought-provoking presentation or workshop on marketing or business strategy, please contact us at

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