October 26, 2006


Hard Work, Performance Don’t Get Women Promoted

WITI Summit Panelist Interviewed on WomensRadio.com

REDWOOD CITY, CA – October 26, 2006. All the hard work and good performance won”t get a woman promoted if she doesn’t effectively package and promote herself, according to a recent interview on WomensRadio.com.

In the interview, Leverage2Market Associates President Linda Popky notes how important it is for women to take ownership for their careers, as well as for packaging and promoting themselves to employers, clients and other organizations.

“Women need to learn how to market themselves as if they were an actual product or service,” she said. “They need to show decision makers and influencers that they can solve an organization’s problems, by articulating their unique value in terms of business results.”

A featured panelist at the Women in Technology (WITI) Summit Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA, Popky will be speaking on October 31, 2006 on the topic “Participation Drives Innovation.”

“With the technology available today, there’s no reason why any organization can’t solicit active participation in the innovation process from customers, suppliers and employees on a global basis,” Popky said. She noted that women are well-positioned to leverage this trend, since they are generally good at seeking connections, as well as gathering and assembling diverse input.

About WomensRadio.com

WomensRadio, founded 11 years ago with a mission to give women a larger voice, is now the “go-to-place” for programs by and for women. Today, along with WomensCalendar, it is reaching millions of women leaders each month. WomensRadio is now accepting applications for Hosts, Contributing Editors and radio Guests. For information, please contact editor@womensradio.com.

About Leverage2Market Associates

Leverage2Market Associates is a strategic marketing company that helps clients improve their bottom line by more effectively leveraging their investment in marketing programs, processes and people. Leverage2Market works with a wide range of organizations from startups to Fortune 100 companies to use their existing marketing resources as effectively and efficiently as possible. For more information, contact www.leverage2market.com or 650-281-4854.

About WITI

WITI is the nation’s leading trade association for professional, tech-savvy women committed to using technology, resources, and connections to advance women worldwide. WITI’s mission is to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership, and economic prosperity. For more information about the WITI Summit Silicon Valley, contact www.witi.com

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