Building Marketing CompetencyTop best-of-breed organizations understand the importance of maintaining and developing their marketing teams, even in tough economic times. Marketing budgets may be cut or reprioritized to reflect economic conditions, however that does not lessen the importance of building strong marketing skills and competencies, in order to prepare both individual marketing professionals and marketing teams for long-term marketing success.

Our study seeks to identify key practices currently in place at leading marketing organizations for building marketing competency in both individuals and teams, and to determine what methods and new initiatives marketing executives are planning to implement to remain competitive in the future.


We are planning to conduct one-on-one interviews with senior executives at Fortune 1000 and other large companies. In addition, we will be supplementing this data with an online survey that will be open to a broader range of marketing organizations, including medium and larger sized businesses.

Participants in the one-on-one interviews should be marketing executives running well-established marketing organizations of more than 50 marketing professionals. Participants in the on-line survey should be senior executives managing marketing organizations of at least 20 people.

Areas of Focus

Among the questions we seek to answer:

  • How is marketing competency defined within the organization? What indicates someone is a well-qualified marketing professional?
  • How do organizations measure the return on their investment in building marketing professionals? How does improved marketing competency correlate to key performance indicators?
  • What metrics can be used to evaluate marketing efficacy?
  • What is the relationship of competency/skill development to the marketing planning and budgeting processes?
  • What development programs are currently in place?
  • What changes are expected in the next 3 years in terms of types and level of competency required?
  • How must educational and mentoring programs evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow’s marketing organizations?
  • What is the projected impact of new marketing systems and technologies on the marketing organization?
  • How has the current economic environment impacted development programs within best of breed marketing organizations?
  • How are marketing organizations planning to address evolving areas of focus, such as the need to develop better customer insight?
  • How are people managers within marketing teams trained and prepared for their roles managing marketing professionals?

Survey results will be summarized in a report that will be made available to all participants. The report will include findings and implications, key differences and commonalities, insights, and recommendations for next steps.

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