Linda Popky’s 10 Tips for Using Social Media to Promote Professional Services Practices
Excerpt: It’s Not About You. It’s about them – your clients and prospects. Consider what will catch their attention and their interest. … Read More

Ten Market Sizing Tips: Does This Market Fit?
Excerpt: Before launching a major marketing initiative, be sure you understand the market you’re targeting. … Read More

Ten Market Leverage Factors: Brand Review and Refresh
Excerpt: How well does your current brand reflect the image and personality you want to convey for your company? … Read More

Ten Market Leverage Factors: Launching a Marketing Campaign
Excerpt: Who is the key audience, and how are you reaching them today? … Read More

Ten Key Factors that Determine Your Online Reputation
Excerpt: What comes up first about you in a Google search?… Read More

Ten Tips for Building Thought Leadership
Excerpt: Stake out a Position. Find a topic or issue where you or your organization can take a leadership position…. Read More

Ten Tips for Managing Your Brand Reputation Online
Excerpt: Be Unique. Identify and develop an online persona that focuses on your unique differentiators—especially if there are others out there with similar names… Read More

Ten Tips for Marketing Success in a Social Media World
Excerpt: Understand Your Market. Who are you trying to reach? What are their key issues and concerns? What keeps them up at night? And where do they go for solutions?… Read More

Ten Tips for More Effectively Marketing in a Down Economy
Excerpt: Know Yourself. Understand the products and services you offer, your strengths and areas of weakness. Don’t try to be something you’re not… Read More

Ten Tips for Promoting Professional Services
Excerpt: Focus on Value. It’s not about your experience: it’s about how that expertise meets your clients’ needs. Introduce services that offer the most value for your clients’ specific situations… Read More

Ten Tips for Creating Powerful Proposals
Excerpt: Achieve More With Less: Cut down the number of proposals you produce. Think of proposals as confirmation of a project, not an initial discussion… Read More

Ten Tips for Promoting Nonprofit Organizations
Excerpt: Count on Your Volunteers. Not just to volunteer, but to be the voice of your organization. Give them the tools they need to evangelize your cause and represent you in all sorts of situations… Read More

Marketing in Turbulent Times – Ten Tips for Managing Expectations
Excerpt: Understand the Environment: Re-evaluate your assumptions about your marketing, your customers, and your competitors in light of today’s new reality. Stay up-to-date on events that may require a quick change in course… Read More

Marketing in Turbulent Times – Ten Tips for Keeping Employees Motivated
Excerpt: Empathize and Engage. Marketing professionals are by nature creative and innovative. Be sensitive to their concerns, empathize with their issues, then harness this creativity to produce solutions… Read More

Yes, You Can: Lessons from the Obama Campaign to Help Build Your Business
Excerpt: It’s Not About You: It’s about Them—your customers. Think in terms of how your organization can better serve its customers… Read More

Ten Ways to Build Your Personal Brand
Excerpt: Talk in Their Terms: Don’t use jargon or technical language. Be clear and to the point, focusing on results achieved… Read More

Ten Seeds to Plant for Ongoing Marketing Success
Excerpt: Take a Critical Look: Review your existing marketing materials, website, collateral. Update anything that’s out of date. Create new materials or web pages to highlight new offerings… Read More

Ten Ways to Effectively Market Your Career
Excerpt: Take Control: Being good at what you do isn’t enough to get you noticed and promoted. Be responsible for your own career development… Read More

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