Top of Mind Thursday November 13, 2014: What You Say Isn’t What They Hear

Top of Mind Thursday
This week I am at the Sonata adult piano camp in Bennington, Vermont. In addition to practice and performance, we also have classes on musical subjects.

Leverage2Market LogoToday’s class was about musical overtones. Playing an A on the piano doesn’t give you just that note, but a whole series of other tones that resonate in the background…an octave, a fifth, a third, and eventually the entire chromatic scale. We hear these other tones in the background and they change the way we hear the music.

Similarly, in your business there are likely overtones that creep into your communications: things that aren’t said overtly but that influence your message. This can be everything from your brand image to employee interactions, competitive and market pressures, and even how much the listener is predisposed to be tuned in to what you’re trying to say.

Stop and think about how these hidden elements may be changing your communications. How can you create a more conducive environment for getting the right messages heard?

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