How Social Technology Changes the Way You Lead: Roundtable with Charlene Li

Charlene Li, Altimeter

Charlene Li, Altimeter

You know about Facebook and you’ve dabbled with blogs or Twitter, but haven’t yet taken the deep plunge and dove in with your customers. You’re not alone—many business leaders avoid social technologies because they demand that you think about relationships in a different way. Most telling, social technology requires that you open up and give up a sense of control—difficult if your whole career as a marketer has been focused on controlling the message.

Join us for the next NorCal B MA Marketing Strategy Roundtable when Charlene Li,
Founding Partner of the Altimeter Group, author of the-soon-to-be-released Open Leadershipand co-author of Groundswell, will discuss how social technologies change marketing and leadership—and what you need to do about it. You’ll walk away with practical advice on how to create a coherent, disciplined strategy, and what to do first when you get back to the office.

We meet at Tuesday, April 27th at 8am at Scotts Seafood in Palo Alto.

We’re expecting a good crowd for Charlene’s presentation so reservations are strongly recommended!

More information.

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