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We've seen the photos and heard the news reports. Millions of people are suffering from the unprecedented devastation in Puerto Rico.

But for the 50,000 or more insulin-dependent diabetics in Puerto Rico, the situation is dire. Life-saving insulin spoils unless kept cool. With tropical temperatures and NO electricity, the lives of these diabetics are at stake.

But we know how to keep insulin cool without refrigeration! Frio packs use water to provide evaporative cooling that keeps insulin cool even at temps in excess of 100 degrees. They're low cost, they're reusable, and we have a way to get Frio packs to the people who need them in Puerto Rico.

An ad hoc group has come together to make this happen. ReadyCare, the US Frio distributor, will send these life-saving packs to Puerto Rico at the heavily discounted price of $18. CarbDM, a Bay Area diabetes-focused nonprofit, has offered to collect these tax-deductible donations for us.

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Packing boxes with Frio packs. All packed up and ready to ship to Puerto Rico. Dr. Luis Perez, President of the Diabetes Association of Puerto Rico (middle) with the Clinical team at Salud Integral de la Montaña (SIM), an FQHC that serves the central/mountainous region. Dr. Perez (left) delivers supplies to Bayamon Health Center staff, one of the largest diabetes/endocrinology practices in the Metro San Juan area. A recent TV interview where Dr. Perez discussed various topics, including the importance of keeping insulin at appropriate temperature and touched on our efforts to distribute FRIO coolers in Puerto Rico. Frio package under the Puerto Rican flag Frio package in Puerto Rico! Puerto Rican resident receives a Frio package Puerto Rican resident receives a Frio package Frio packages ready for distribution in Puerto Rico

For our first few deliveries, we worked with a team in Florida to coordinate logistics and get these to San Juan. We "hitchhiked" on the private plane chartered by the Jorge and Laura Posada Foundation's hurricane relief efforts. Now, we are able to ship directly to our endocrinologist contact in San Juan.

We're engaged with one of San Juan's leading endocrinologists to get these directly to the patients who need them.

What We've Done So Far

We've already raised over $15,000 to send five shipments of Frios to Puerto Rico. We will keep doing this as long as there's a need and people continue to support us. Read about what we've done so far.


We Need Your Help

Please donate $18 for one Frio, $36 for 2, $180 for 10 or more if you can afford it. Click here to support this worthy cause.

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This is a volunteer effort. The full 100% of your donation goes to this cause.

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