Just a Moment for Marketing: Drought Tolerance

Linda advises: Peel away the artificial layers to reveal what’s underneath.

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Top of Mind Thursday July 21, 2016: Faster than the Speed of Sound

Top of Mind Thursday

Melania Trump had barely finished her presentation to the Republican National Convention on Tuesday evening when the Web was abuzz discussing how whole sections of the presentation were identical to one by Michelle Obama in a similar venue 8 years ago.

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What I find most amazing about this whole episode, is that in today’s fast-moving, digital, connected, research-anything-in-seconds world, this kind of mistake is allowed to happen.

We know that when public figures misconstrue their employment history, military service, or educational background, the truth finds it way out. We’ve seen the power of videos to show us within seconds what really happened at a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or police shooting. Teachers have been relying on online tools to check the originality of students’ compositions for years.

What happened here? A low-level staffer put this together without being aware of the consequences. The question is why no one else double-checked what was being said in such a high visibility venue *before* Mrs. Trump took the stage.

What simple errors are happening in your organization because no one took the time to double-check your messages before they were made public?

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Why Without Vision and Leadership, Brands Suffer

sunny-bonnellSunny Bonnell

Sunny Bonnell has the ability to see a brand come alive from the very beginning. A prominent bluegrass player by the time she was eleven, Sunny was a street musician and theatre actor before co-founding Motto in her early twenties. She attended the prestigious Savannah College of Art & Design, where she pursued an MFA and earned four art scholarships, all while leading Motto to award-winning recognition.

In this podcast, Sunny talks about the leader’s role in building a brand, why articulating meaning is so important, and how brand and culture are truly symbiotic. She talks about why what looks like branding issues is often masking much deeper culture and leadership problems that must be solved first.

ListenListen to this podcast.

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Just a Moment for Marketing: Non-Transformation

Linda advises: Be careful not to push customers in a direction they don’t want to go.

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